Tom’s Toilet Triumphs

Here is a link to one of the best tools we know of for helping kids and parents with toileting.

Tom’s Toilet Triumph won first prize in the Cannes Film Festival in the Science and Education category.

This is a toilet training DVD which was designed for young kids and kids living with disability, to help them with their steps toward toileting independence by helping them:
1. Identify the signs of when they need to do a wee and a poo
2. The different steps in toileting.

Johanna de Kort of Adelaide Night and Day Family Therapy was the occupational therapist who assisted in the production of the video and the package around it “Are you Ready?”. Johanna also edited the second edition of the package.

Its fun
helpful for parents

We often give it to friend’s kids for their third birthday. The kids love it, and their parents love the response.

The package and Video are available from the South Australian Service SA, or it can be borrowed from the Disability Services Library of the SA Department for Communities and Social Inclusion.

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